lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

The mime

There was just a day
when I saw her I found a reason to live
when I saw her I knew my way,
of that girl, I’ll be the slave.

I went out to take a walk,
when that guy arrived from the dark.
A thief! He wants to take my cash,
He’s gonna draw a knife!

When I could get me near to her,
I was scared, without words,
I was going to give her a rose,
but sudden stroke made me fall

He is learning the lesson,
I’m kicking him, I made him cry,
He was about to lose the reason,
but he stopped me, and started to pray

Wait please! Wait!
Have you ever seen me? I’m a mime!
I won’t hurt you, I can’t talk,
only if is an special time,
I just want to give you this rose…

2 comentarios:

  1. este poema est{a hecho a dos voces:

    empieza el mimo
    continúa la dama.

    así hasta temrinar con el mimo entregando la rosa.

    es el poema que hice para presentar en la jornada de lenguas en la UQROO, segun iba a ser merecedor a una constancia de participación la cual nunca recibí.

    en lo particular me gustó porque fue mi primera experiencia con el inglés asi hablando abiertamenbte, y qué mejor que hacerlo con algo que me gusta.

  2. wow!!!...

    mal plan q no te hayan dado tu constancia!!! X(